Corporate Information


Environment, Health and Safety

Environment, health and safety (“EHS”) is the basis of corporate governance.
We shall manage our activity to minimize any negative effect of environment, health and safety on the community and society in which we act as well as employees of our group so that we take pride in it.

Via Mechanics EHS Policy (May 1, 2019)

1. We will make safety, health and environmental management more important, including environmental protection and prevention of disasters and pollution, with safety, health, environment-related laws and regulations as well as compliance with internal standards and consideration to nearby residents as important issues.
2. We evolve from a "zero disaster" to a "zero hazard", safe and comfortable workplace.
3. With the cooperation of not only all employees but also the people working in the factory, we will communicate and carry out safety, health and environmental activities with the participation of all employees.
4. We will strive to raise safety and health and environmental awareness through employee education and in-house PR activities.
5. In carrying out safety, health and environmental activities, we will invest appropriate management resources and continuously implement effective improvements.
6. We will promote harmony with the global environment by promoting management of chemical substances contained in products, environmentally friendly manufacturing, and improvement of environmental performance of products.
7. We will strive to manage and reduce the chemical substances contained in products.

Environmental Preservation Efforts

9001:2008/14001:2004 Environmental Management System built by Via Mechanics Co., Ltd. The scope of application is as follows.
◆ Base
head office / Gotemba Factory / Warehouse
This management system applies to the following certification registration scope.
◆ Design / development, manufacturing, installation and incidental services (inspection and repair) of electronic component processing equipment, etc.
◆ All employees working at Via Mechanics Co., Ltd. (including dispatch and contract)